10 Must Have Points for an Ideal Election Manifesto

election promises

by Darshan Mondkar

Dear Citizens Of India,

Our election manifesto is as under:

1. We will ensure that the Constitution of India is upheld and the utmost respect is given to the Supreme Court judgements which will be implemented even if we disagree with them

2. We will not tell the citizens what to wear, eat or drink. Any laws which invade the rights of a private citizen to choose his way of living will be struck off within one year of us coming to power. Including the beef ban.

3. We will not field any candidates who have been chargesheeted with corruption charges or extreme criminal acts.

4. If any of our candidate after elections is chargesheeted with any criminal or corrupt act, he will be immediately suspended from his official position and the case will be rushed through a fast track court and settled within 2 years. No lawyer from our party will defend such a person in the court and till the time the case is settled that candiate will not enjoy any Govt privileges.

5. We take responsibility of the safety and security of our citizens. Any loss of life or property due to the negligence or the inadequacy of the Govt or a lapse in Govt measures will be compensated by the govt. The officials involved in such an incident will be suspended immediately, charged for negligence and prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.

6. We will provide long term solutions for the agrarian crisis by ensuring a fair price to the farmer and bring down the consumer price by eliminating middle men.

7. Any heinous crimes like rape, lynching, communal violence will be prosecuted in fast track courts and settled within one year.

8. Any people making communally inciting or hate speeches will be arrested immediately.

9. We will bring another 20% of the Indian population above the BPL limit within the next 4 years.

10. The Constitution of India shall be upheld supreme over and above any religion or it’s beliefs while dealing with criminal/civil matters and making laws accordingly.

This manifesto should be considered as an agreement between our party and the citizens of India and should be recognised as an official contract in the court of law. Failing to adhere to more than 90% of the promises made in this contract should entail us and the party leaders to be held responsible for breach of contract and trust of the citizens of India and prosecuted in the court of law at the end of the 5 year term.

——–Said No Party Ever

Disclaimer: Till the time the citizens of India do not demand accountability from the Politicians, they are in no position to crib when they are made fools out of.

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