100 women per day 40 minors per day

36,735 – 2014
34,651 – 2015
38,947 – 2016

Total: 1,10,333 (2014-2016)

Do you know what these numbers are for?

The number of Rape Cases registered in India.

Just the registered rape cases, mind you.

This does not include those cases which are classified as sexual assault not amounting to rape. And this definitely does not include those countless rapes which are never reported or not registered with the Police.

Now here are some more numbers:

13,766 – 2014
10,854 – 2015
19,765 – 2016

Total: 44,385 (2014-2016)

Do you know what these numbers are for?

The number of minors raped, whose cases were registered.

Now, lets do some math here.

  • From 2014-2016, Indians managed to rape at a rate of 100.7 women per day
  • From 2014-2016, Indians managed to rape 40 minors per day

Do you even realize what this mean?

In India 100 women are being raped everyday and 40 minors are being raped everyday !!!!

Let that sink in before you think of trying to support a rapist by taking a protest march in his favor.

If these statistics do not shake up your conscience then nothing will.

And if you think that you are going to be immune to these statistics because “Hey this happens only with those women who go asking for trouble”…. well think again.

Meanwhile the leaders whom we have chosen, time and again, have done little to nothing for the safety of women.

Infact the latest statement made by a BJP Minister is, “Rape of a minor is rape but rape of a married woman is different”

These are the type of people whom we bring to power and expect them to secure our safety.

The society is only as good as the people in the society.

So the next time if you want to ignore the rape of someone, keep quiet about it, not raise your voice against the act or even remotely think of defending the rapist, do remember these numbers….

India’s Rape Statistics
100 women per day
40 minors per day

Disclaimer: The depravity of the society is defined by how it (the society) treats it’s women, children and the underprivileged.

By Darshan Mondkar

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