BJP Manifesto 2019: Another Compilation of Blatant Lies by Modi Sarkar

By Darshan Mondkar

So BJP has finally released its 2019 election manifesto.

Here are the 10 highlights of the manifesto as reported by NDTV and let me tell you how bogus these claims are:

1. For strengthening armed forces purchase of outstanding defence equipment will be fast tracked.

– The Indian Army is severely impacted by shortage of funds. They had made a demand of Rs. 1.60 lakh crores as capital outlay but were granted only Rs. 83K crore.


2. Zero Tolerance towards Terrorism.

– In the last 5 years there have been 23 major terrorist attacks in India. Here is a reality check by BBC which quotes SATP that there were 388 major incidences in India since 2014 to 2018.


3. Will implement National Register of Citizens in other parts of the Country

– In feb 2019, the Supreme Court slammed the Ministry of Home Affairs claiming that the entire effort of the MHA seems to be to destroy the NRC.


4. Technology will be used to prevent infiltration in north-east, smart fencing will be used.

– Okay, I am not sure what “Smart Fencing” means but India’s border with Bhutan runs to 699 Kms, that with Bangladesh is 4000 Kms and that with Nepal is 1700 Kms. Are they saying that they are going to put some sort of a smart fence around a 6000+ Km border?? But then again, they convinced people that there were nano GPS chips in Rs. 2000 notes….

5. Scrap Article 370 in JnK and annul Article 35A

– This was one of their poll promises in 2014 too and they have done absolutely nothing in this regard. Infact till 2018, there was no proposal on record in the Lok Sabha to scrap article 370


6. Interest free Kisan credit card loans, short term agriculture loans up to Rs. 1 lakh at zero interest.

– In the last 5 years numerous farmers have been agitating against the Govt. The Tamil Nadu farmers spent more than a month eating excreta in Delhi and Modi didnt have even a minute to spare to meet them. Farmer’s suicides went up by 42% in 2015 itself. Modi Sarkar has not published any official data on Farmer’s suicide since then.


7. Sankalp Patra aims to fulfill the aspirations of 130 crore Indians

– Okay, lol this is such a dumb statement. My aspiration is to go to Switzerland but Bhakts want to send me to Pakistan …. I wonder which aspirations this Govt plans to fulfill. So unless your aspirations are opening a Pakoda stall, you are done for.

8. Ram Temple will be built as soon as BJP is voted to power

– Wait !!! But BJP IS IN POWER right now !!! Infact BJP was in power for the last 5 years and they have not managed to build the Ram Mandir. Meanwhile all they could do was to rename Oshiwara Railway Station to Ram Mandir Station

9. Pucca houses by 2022 for every family who are living in kuccha houses or have no house

– The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (previously known as the Indira Gandhi Awas Yojana) has managed to build only a little over 16% of the houses sanctioned in the last 4 years.


10. Investment of Rs. 100 Lakh Crore in infrastructure sector by 2024

– Modi Sarkar budgeted to invest Rs. 6 lakh Crores in 2018-19 which was previously Rs. 5 lakh Crore in 2017-18. To invest Rs. 100 lakh Crore in the next 5 years, the Modi Sarkar will have to invest an average of Rs. 20 Lakh Crore per year in the infrastructure. This would be more than 200% increase over the current budget.

200% increase in infrastructure budget…. let that sink in slowly as you smile at this jhumla 😛


There are some 75 points in the BJP manifesto but I am considering only the top 10 which are highlighted by NDTV here: //…/bjp-manifesto-2019-prime-minister-na…

Now, if anyone of you wants to buy this, please be my guest. I would rather go on the track record of the last 5 years of Modi Sarkar and take these promises with a bucket of salt and not even a pinch.

And mind you, BJP and Modi have been in power for the last 5 years so saying, “Congress did nothing in the last 60 years” doesnt hold any water. They had the chance, they goofed up.

Disclaimer: Please stop spreading the rumors that Modi has named their 2019 manifesto as “Sankalp Patra” because of his fondess for “Sambit Patra”, there is no relation to it, though they are both filled with a loads of Jhumlas and Nautanki 😛

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