Kathua Judgement: Justice for Asifa, but we need to introspect more

6 out the 7 accused in the Kathua rape-murder case of an 8 year old little girl have been convicted. The special court has convicted the 6 accused including Sanjhi Ram (the mastermind), Deepak Kahjuria, Surinder Verma, Pravesh Doshi, Tilak Raj and Anand Dutta Verma. The Kathua rape-murder case was unique in many aspects. A […]

“Tumhaari hai tum hi sambhaalo ye duniya”: An Appeal to Fellow-Liberals in India

By Seshadri Kumar It is now 4 days since the election results were announced. Liberals who fought the war of ideas on social media with the supporters of Mr. Modi are shocked, angry, and depressed that he won with such a large mandate. They say grief is a multi-stage process, and many of my friends […]

Nazaria – Book 3: Story of Kashmir

“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.” Amir Khusro very famously wrote about Kashmir, that if there is Heaven on Earth anywhere, it definitely is in Kashmir. But is it really so? Is Kashmir really the Heaven that we all want to go to? Kashmir has been struggling for a […]

What is Hinduism? Who is a Hindu? How does one follow Hinduism?

These are some of the questions that people do not even have the answers to, but claim to be a true follower or ‘Bhakt’. People do not have a proper understanding of their scriptures, and yet blame religion for the problems in society. When in reality, the problems lie in how the scriptures get conceived […]

I AM A WORKING WOMAN TOO! (Working from Home)

By Daisyraj Singh The whole world was lit up yesterday,wishing the Moms…appreciating them, their sacrifices and their selfless achievements in keeping a family happy, healthy and well looked after! Let’s Today talk about The Woman again! WOMAN WHO WORK FROM HOME! Their work schedules, their quest to find an identity other than what is forced […]

Done making fun of our PM Modi Ji over his digital camera and use of email in 1988? Now Read The Facts Here …..

By Darshan Mondkar Done making fun of our PM Modi Ji over his digital camera and use of email in 1988? Now Read The Facts Here ….. The moment Modi Ji said in his brilliant unscripted apolitical interview that he had used a digital camera and email in 1988, all the Anti National, Anti Digital […]

How Narendra Modi illegally and criminally harvested your data for his election campaign

By Saket Gokhale Ok here it is as promised. This might be long but please read EVERY WORD of it carefully. I promise you’ll get goosebumps when you see the criminality of the Modi government in all its glory: Our story begins in the year 2012. This was the heyday of the Anna Hazare “India […]

Hate will lose … Love will always Triumph in the end.

Here is a heartwarming story for you. By Darshan Mondkar 27 years ago, Roshan Lal Mawa was attacked in his shop. A pistol borne young boy had pumped four bullets into him, as he stood in his shop in Gada Kocha, Kashmir. Roshan Lal Mawa fled Kashmir to go to Delhi and settle down there. […]