Face of Hindutva

Stop it Hindutva Brigade, You have Shamed Us Enough

By Darshan Mondkar So now, I have a few people telling me to stop talking about the Asifa rape case. They tell me that it affects the image of Hinduism. Seriously? Speaking out AGAINST the rape of a little girl whose body was then dumped in a temple affects your image of Hinduism? When a […]


Ring Wing Media Relies on Spreading Misinformation

By Aditya Chaturvedi With the mushrooming of right-wing Facebook pages, Twitter handles, online media websites, and given their widespread reach, why the hell do they need to resort to the clichéd whataboutery of why is ‘liberal media’ silent over x, y, z case, why no proportionate outrage, why skewed coverage, why no balanced reporting, why undue […]

Indian Women Should Stop Wearing Jeans!

By Darshan Mondkar Women and Jeans….or rather women in Jeans have always irked the Indian Male. Many Indian Men have commented on Women wearing Jeans. Whether it is an MP like Satyapal Singh who thinks Women shouldn’t wear jeans because no one will marry them. Or Yesudas, the singer (love his songs by the way) […]