Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 9

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 9: Education, Science, and Technology By Sheshadri Kumar Education is the basis of the growth of any nation. Power, steel, and coal may be what we need for building things, but without educated minds the steel might just as well rust through disuse. The world Continue Reading

Our Right To Privacy Is Under Threat! Save Your Privacy!!!

This article is first in series of articles that we are doing to promote the cause #SaveOurPrivacy . The Indian Liberals has pledged support to the cause and we encourage you to read the article and take necessary action in order to push for legislation that protects our fundamental right Continue Reading


  When I was 9 years old, I saw one of my senior was running hurriedly towards washroom. I couldn’t get the reason behind scary face and hurriedness. Then, few of classmates were whispering about- She is going through the bad thing. She is bleeding. I was not smart enough Continue Reading

What is A Parallel Universe?

by Rajarshi Bhattacharya To dabble into the concepts of parallel world and universes, you first need to get an idea about dimensions. In our life all around us, we experience only 3 dimensions; length, breadth and height. If you plot these three in a three dimensional graph, with an x, Continue Reading