“I can’t see anything except blood”

By Aatryee Das

So, what do you need?

We need some hockey stick, bamboo sticks, iron rods, iron chains, kerosene, matches….

Okay! And who are your targets?

That’s a very important question. First and foremost, you need to remember, we have mostly nothing to do with rich and famous people. There are separate groups to handle them. We target, people, who are poor, lower middle class, mainly poor.

Economically mostly and who have no knowledge about what’s happening in larger India.

Okay! So how do you select them?

Selection is very easy. Poor people with poor religious concept with poor animals. If these three points matched, be sure, our targets have been found.

Hmm! How do you do this?

That’s little difficult. We prepare ourselves, always for the extreme. But nowadays, these poor became so fearful. They cry a lot and runaway. So, in that case, we can’t fulfil our aim. But some poor, so arrogant, so disgusted. Wearing their particular dresses, talking in high volume, practice religion openly, as if, this country is their paternal property. First, we tell them, leave those poor animals and leave that place, better if they leave their village. Then, when they don’t listen to us, one of us started beating them. First five minutes are so interesting. Those poor fu…..s also try to beat us, protest…hahaha. Imagine? Then all of us, together and one by one… huh! Till the last breath.

Don’t you feel anxiety? After this?

No way. Have you read our epics? Or not? This is Dharam Yudh. We have to do this. This is our noble job. God selected us for this war. Everybody is not chosen, but we. No anxiety at all.

Can you sleep properly?

We don’t get much time for sleeping. There are many things to do. But if can’t sleep at all, we, I, just have some raw alcohol. It helps a lot.

Can you touch your child? With your hands? Can you touch your wife’s lips, with your fingers? Can you touch your mother’s cheek, with your hand? Can you?

These are bullshits. Actually, I think, you are bullshit. Do you want to die like that short hair, aged woman? Hum? Why are you asking unnecessary questions? Huh? You bloody woman.

I am not only bloody, but all of us.

This whole society became bloody. I can’t see anything except blood.

An imaginary conversation between a man with blooded hands and a woman with blooded notebook….

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