The Indian Liberals Exit Poll 2019

The biggest festival of India is rightly underway. The General Elections 2019, where Indians decide who will govern them for next 5 years.

After BJP led by Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, the country along with its Indianness identity have undergone a major change. While Modi’s supporters hail him as some sort of Messiah, his opponents deride him and accuse of dividing the society along religious lines, destroying the economy, undermining constitutional power and indulging in crony capitalism to favour his friends.

The elections to state assemblies of three state last year gave an impetus to opposition led by Rahul Gandhi’s congress. And which led many to believe “Change is on its way”.

But is it true?

We here at TIL, started on this journey of analysing the mood of Indian voters from start of this year. Our volunteers and contributors across the country pitched in data everyday, including pre-poll, during campaigning and on poll day. The datas here try to capture the mood of the country along those backgrounds.

Though we can’t say it as to be 100% accurate, but we believe we have tried to capture the nation’s mood honestly.

Below we give, state wise results we got from ground.

We would also like to state, that due to inadequate manpower and financial constraints we have not been able to reach all the constituencies. But average size of sample for each state is around 10,000.

We would thank all the volunteers and members who helped out in this.

So read the below results state wise and lastly the total for General Elections 2019:

Exit Poll Results for India Elections 2019
Exit Poll Results for India Elections 2019

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