India needs its women in the workplace

Girls outshines boys in 10th/12th results. The headline screams whenever the results are out. But where do all those girls end up. Why aren’t they visible in workplace?

“India Has Second-Lowest Female Labour Force Participation Rate In South Asia.”

Source: Business Standard

“India’s urban female work-force participation rate (WPR) is one of the world’s lowest at 15%.”

Source: IndiaSpend

India ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce.

Source: World Bank report

The percentage of working women in Bangladesh and Nepal is more than India.

Source: IndiaSpend

The data’s speaks a lot about the situation. To take the Indian economy to a higher growth rate in the long run, we need to bring back the women in the workplace.

In this background, Papri Banerjee, Assistant Professor in Icon College, Guwahati writes an open letter on Facebook addressing the girls to be financially independent. Here is the full script of the post:

Dear women,

If you have the potential for earning, do not choose a partner whose job, “situation”, inclination would make you quit work.

Think about your parents who have given you the best of opportunities while growing up.

Now think again, is it fair that you decide to stay at home because your “partner” earns enough?

Its not about finances.

It’s about dignity and self-respect.

A cotton saree for your mother, a simple shirt for your father, a gift of a weekend away for your partner, a birthday gift for your child means something when it comes from your own salary.

Love is Love.

Financial independence is Financial Independence.

Do not mix the two.

I know many of you have been manipulated into thinking otherwise.

About thinking that being a caregiver is a job.

No, that is your duty towards your child.

Believe you me your child will be more self-reliant for having a working mother.

That in marriage ownership of finances is common.

Yes it is.

So is the obligation to contribute your bit.

Do it.

And put your foot down about mothering your partner.

Let him pick up after himself, do his laundry, and participate in raising your children. They are his kids too.

One of your kind

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