Indian Women Should Stop Wearing Jeans!

By Darshan Mondkar

Women and Jeans….or rather women in Jeans have always irked the Indian Male. Many Indian Men have commented on Women wearing Jeans. Whether it is an MP like Satyapal Singh who thinks Women shouldn’t wear jeans because no one will marry them.

Or Yesudas, the singer (love his songs by the way) saying that Women shouldn’t trouble others by wearing jeans. Or the Priest from Kerala who wanted to drown the women wearing jeans in the sea because they aroused men.

Or the latest Professor from Kerala who thinks Women shouldn’t wear jeans because they will give birth to transgender children. Infact, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj even went to the extent of making a girl take off her jeans in public, on camera, but I think there was some other reason to that.

Anyhow, we have had so many people in important positions talking about Women in Jeans, I am actually surprised they haven’t taken up this issue for discussion in the Parliament but I won’t blame them, as they hardly use the Parliament for any discussions.
So what exactly is the reason for the Indian Men not wanting women to wear jeans?

Obviously they don’t believe the reasons that they are giving out to the public. So what can be the real reason behind it?

After much thought on this issue which involved numerous Scotch drinking deliberations with three of the four voices in my head, I finally had my Eureka moment.


Yes, Jealousy is the reason why Indian Men do not want Women to wear Jeans.

Of course, I didn’t run down the streets naked shouting “Jealousy !! Jealousy !! Jealousy !!” at this discovery of mine, instead I decided to share this finding with all of you.

Let me explain.

A woman in jeans looks way hotter than any man can even think of looking while wearing the same attire.

Now, since the Fashion Industry has limited the range of clothes for a Man to Trousers and Jeans.

Lungi and Shorts are kind of unisex and Dhoti can neither be lifted up nor has a zip making it, which makes it very difficult for us men to have a quick pee on the streets.

So, it is kind of an infringement on the Male Domain by the Women, if they come and take away that one piece of clothing in which the Man can actually flaunt his minimal assets and claim it as their own and then look hotter than the Man in it.

And it’s not just about the infringement. It’s basically about the “Looking Hot” part.

I am a Man who regularly wear jeans. I have never had anyone whistling at me when I walk in the mall or on the streets.

I have never had any women giving my butt an appreciative glance.

But the moment a woman in jeans walks anywhere wearing a Jeans she gets all the attention she does not desire, which ranges from wolf whistles, to cat calls, to staring to cries of, “Wow What An Ass”.

Being deprived of this attention causes a big damage to our Male self-respect (no we men don’t have an ego. Women have Ego. Men have self-respect)

And this is precisely the reason why Men do not want Women wearing Jeans.

We want the attention too!

Disclaimer: Dear Guys, if you are walking on the street, strutting your stuff and staring at women seeking their attention and some woman does say, “Wow What an Ass” there is a 99% chance that the comment has no relation to the shape of your butt.

This article was first published in on APRIL 4, 2018

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Post Author: Sumit Sasidharan

2 thoughts on “Indian Women Should Stop Wearing Jeans!

    faran siddiqui

    (13th May 2018 - 7:25 PM)

    I like your last pata ” what an ass” different connotation for either sexes.

      Sumit Sasidharan

      (13th May 2018 - 7:44 PM)

      hahaha. that’s Typical Darshan Mondkar 😉 😉

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