Kathua Judgement: Justice for Asifa, but we need to introspect more

6 out the 7 accused in the Kathua rape-murder case of an 8 year old little girl have been convicted.

The special court has convicted the 6 accused including Sanjhi Ram (the mastermind), Deepak Kahjuria, Surinder Verma, Pravesh Doshi, Tilak Raj and Anand Dutta Verma.

The Kathua rape-murder case was unique in many aspects.

  • A little 8 year old girl was raped, not because of some perverted lustful desires but to set an example (teach a lesson) to an entire community of nomads.

  • A holy place of worship was misused to carry out this heinous crime by the caretakers of the same place of worship.

  • Two cops took money to try and destroy crucial evidence.

  • This was perhaps the first time that protest marches were taken out IN THE FAVOR OF THE RAPISTS !!!

  • A group of lawyers protested near the Court, not allowing the charge-sheet to be filed. Lawyers who are supposed to be the proponents of justice were busy obstructing justice using un-constitutional measures.

  • Two Ministers from the RULING PARTY of the PDP-BJP combine in JnK, Chowdhary Lal Singh and Chander Prakash Ganga joined the protest marches in support of the rapists.

  • Not just politicians, but even educated people (some from my own friends list, whom I promptly unfriended) were busy defending the Rapists on social media, trying to justify the rape.

There can be no justification to rape.

Rape is an act which by itself is so sick that the motive is quite redundant.

There is NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON to rape anyone, much less an 8 year old girl.

Though the Kathua rape case shook the senses of most of the country, the reactions from the leaders, politicians and educated people on social media painted a rather sick picture of the depraved state of mind of the society, in general.

Had the society stood together, strongly against such a heinous crime rather than painting it on communal lines and taking sides based on your communal identity, we might perhaps have avoided some of the similar crimes which followed Kathua.

A 2 year old girl being murdered for Rs. 10,000…..

A 20 day old girl being bashed to death over a fight….

A 12 year old girl being raped in the front of her entire family over a family fued…….

Somewhere, India, as a country and we as a society, seem to have failed to raise our voices and take a stand for what is right …. a stand that goes beyond ideologies, community, religion or caste that we seem to wear on our sleeves all the time.

The Kathua case verdict comes as a small ray of hope in the otherwise decaying and dark moral fiber of the Indian society.

Disclaimer: A country is defined, not by the crime that takes place but how the country, as a collective, reacts to that crime.

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