KSRTC staff helps pregnant passenger

Humanity is alive can be seen from the heart warming gesture shown by two staffs, Driver Girish and conductor Sajan K John, of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) who rushed a pregnant passenger to hospital on time.

It was a usual Monday morning for both Driver Girish and conductor Sajan K John when they started their journey from the Chadayamangalam depot in Kollam district and headed to Thiruvananthapuram.  The woman, who is eight month pregnant boarded the bus with her husband and son at Ayoor at around 8.30 am.


After a little while when the women developed uneasiness, both Girish and Sajan acted sensibly and decided to help the women get medical attention.  They did not wait for another vehicle nor did they make the family alight midway. They headed the bus straight to the Sree Avittom Thirunal Hospital for Women and Children in Thiruvananthapuram, nearly 20 km from Kanyakulangara.


The other passengers too rose to the occasion and helped the women.  They made space for the women to feel comfortable and some of the passengers stood up from their seats and waved to alert other vehicles on the road to clear the way.  One regular passenger who was policeman alerted the police control room who arranged for a police escort van so that the Bus would not be caught in traffic jam.  The passengers who had to alight in between too cooperated and the bus straight way headed to the Hospital.


This act of Girish and Sajan K John and also the passengers just reaffirms our faith in Humanity which transcends every other barriers and unites us in hour of need.


Salute to everyone of them.

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