#ManVsWild : A Review, A Message, A Revelation

By Darshan Mondkar

In the latest episode of ManVsWild, Modi Ji discussed many off the cuff things with Bear Gryll.

Here are some of the things that Modi Ji discussed, which were quite a revelation:

  • On Dangers of Nature:

Modi Ji said, “If we go against nature, everything becomes dangerous, even humans”

Meanwhile — Modi Government gave orders to cut down 1,09,75,844 trees in the last 5 years for “development”


  • PM Modi on his Childhood:

“In the winter, the dew drops that would form on the ground would create a layer on salt. We would take out that layer and bring it back home and keep it. We would use it as a detergent to wash our clothes”

Meanwhile —- Chand Abdul Salam who was Modi Ji’s Dhobi in the 1970s died recently.


  • PM Modi on harming wildlife:

“My beliefs dont allow me to kill.”

Meanwhile —- Tigress Avni was killed under the orders of BJP Govt of Maharashtra


  • PM Modi’s first vacation in 18 years

“Today if I consider this as a vacation then I must say that I am taking a vacation for the first time in 18 years”

Meanwhile: Visiting the Rann Of Kutch Utsav was not a vacation. I am pretty sure he went there for official work


PM Modi on fear:

“I have never experienced fear because my inbuilt temperament is very positive”

Meanwhile — Buss Dosti Bani Rahe


PM Modi’s message to the youth:

“India will become a great tourist destination for nature, for wildlife”

Meanwhile — For that we will need to conserve our forest, our wildlife and that will not be possible and it will definitely not be possible by destroying 170,000 hectares of Hasdeo Arand forests.


Disclaimer: To quote Bear Grylls from the same episode, “These predator cats are dangerous. They are masterfully camouflaged and absolute ninjas of concealment”

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