Modi and His Schemes !!! A Super Success in 5 years !!

By Darshan Mondkar

People say that 5 years of Modi Sarkar has not given us anything and has actually deteriorated the talent in India.

I call that a blatant lie !!!

In the last, almost, 5 years of Modi we have seen a rise in talent in India and this was even without the Skill India program.

Like, Demonetization gave a rise to experts in the field of currency management who came forward to educate us on how this one move would solve all the problems of India.

Not only that, we had experts developed in the field of radiation technology who knew everything from nano chips hidden in the new notes to how the IT guys would run around with Geiger counter on the streets tracing black money.

During GST we had an abundance of taxation experts who told us how this one tax will change the economy of India.

This was perhaps the first time we had the entire nation celebrating a TAX, something which should have been awarded by UNESCO.

When the Rafale deal became suspect, we suddenly had military experts telling us everything we wanted to know about the planes. It was surprising that the Government wanted to keep the Rafale details a secret when everyone else seemed to know about it.

Infact the experts knew so much about the Rafale planes, they might even be able to build those planes in their cowsheds…. we dont need HAL or Ambani or Dassault.

Now with the terrorist attacks, a new breed of experts seem to know everything about terrorist activities across the border.

They know where the terrorists hide when even our intelligence agencies miss that, they know how many terrorists are killed in which attack by Modi Govt, when even the Govt does not have the satellite images for that.

The latest bunch of experts are the Geneva Convention Experts who seem to know all about war treaties and signed agreements.

With so many experts coming up in India, I can easily say that Modi’s Skill India has become one of the best programs in the world and there is no way anything can derail the Make In India program either.

If not anything we are definitely making up a lot of hot air in India.


Disclaimer: This post has been written from my Laptop thanks to Digital India Program, sitting in the smart city of Gadchiroli, Maharashtra thanks to Smart City Program

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