Nazaria – Book 1: An Indian Muslim

The Story of Banda Islamuddin

An average Muslim person has more in common with an average Hindu person than the media or political parties let us believe. How many times do we find forming opinions about people based on their identity markers? When they are in reality all just a farce created by the society which does not let us humans see the truth. It is time that we break the bubble of myth around us, and really start looking at things with a fresh perspective. A perspective that is unbiased, inclusive of every person, and which is our own. Watch the first part of our series: Nazariya where we try to show the other side of the spectrum and bring you closer to the reality of the society through the stories of people that have remained unheard till now.

Conceptualized & Directed by Ruchi Roy

Video courtesy Ek Aagaaz

“Ek Aagaz” is an initiative towards bringing out stories that really matter. It is a platform which will showcase the side of human lives that remains unseen, stories that affect mindsets, voices that are left unheard, the dark side of our society, people and projects that make a difference and much more. We live in a society where there is negativity, hate and intolerance seen around everywhere. We have ingrained many misconceptions and ideologies around us from the moment that we were born, that now affects our reality. However, before belonging to any caste, religion, region or cult, we should strive to be what we really are, Humans. Quoting Gary Vee, “The small minority of people, that are mad and angry and hateful and dark, are much louder than the big percentage of us that are happy and excited and feel great. And because of the way technology works they are much louder than they were ever before. The only way we can combat it is if we can now become louder than them. Make Positivity Louder!

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