No One Man’s Terrorist is not another Man’s Freedom Fighter

“One Man’s Terrorist is another Man’s Freedom Fighter”

By Darshan Mondkar

This is an often used term which is brandished usually as a justification of a Terrorist attack.

And I cant even begin to tell you how wrong this is.

There is a classic difference between a Terrorist and Freedom Fighter.

Though both are fighting for a cause, the former targets civlians and innocents. The later targets Government establishments and categorically avoids causing harm to the civilians, because he considers himself as one of them.

It is important to understand this difference before we start justifying the “Cause of Terrorism”

A Freedom Fighter will not bomb trains and buses…. A terrorist will.

A freedom fighter will never be associated with an outfit which indulges in acts where lives of civilians are lost. A Terrorist doesnt care.

A freedom fighter never terrorizes the people living around him. A Terrorist thrives on this very thing.

Not every person who faces atrocities at the hands of the Government becomes a terrorist.

While, the Government is responsible for fair and just treatment of the citizens of the nation, one cannot attribute the “Cause of Terrorism” to the actions of the Government, even though these acts of terrorism might be considered as a failure of the Government.

Stop justifying terrorism.

A Terrorist is that person who has little regard for the life of his own or those around him. His only motive is to achieve his goals by scaring the people living around him, so that it pressurizes the Government.

A Terrorist is a Terrorist. He is no Freedom Fighter.

Let that be very clear.

Disclaimer: Kudos to the Indian Armed Forces for consistently fighting against the Terror attacks and keeping the civilians safe.

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