Snakes in the backyard

snakes in my backyard

by Aditya Vikram

After rehearsing a dozen times, I finally gathered the courage to say this to him.
I spotted a snake yesterday in the backyard , Mr.Shetty

The secretary of the society wasn’t a soft spoken bloke by any stretch of imagination.
Where?” He was shocked.
In the backyard of our wing

The place has gotten all swampy and dirty“. His words reassured me.
Yes , shouldn’t we clean the area?
And get rid of the snakes” , Mr.Shetty added.

That evening, all members of the wing got together and cleaned the backyard. Not one, but many more snakes were found. They were subdued and ran away. Our backyard was clean.

It is because of you we got rid of them” , Mr.Shetty remarked. All I could do was mutter a “hmm” .
Other members too were thankful, the backyard was clean.

A few kids came running and thanked me. “What if the snakes bit any of us?”, One of them said , a little worried.
I put my hand on his head.
You’re safe , child , The snakes have gone“.

I got home , switched on the television.
The news made me fume in anger ,
Why doesn’t this guy leave for Pakistan if he feels unsafe in here” …I shouted.
Yes, I’m glad we weren’t asked to leave the apartment, though.” It was my wife.

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