By Sudeepta Sarangi

My friends keep asking me that why we see so much negativity on social media. Why don’t you share some positive news? Is nothing good happening in the country ?

Well yes, I am sure that so many good things are definitely happening. But when in the last few days we came to know about the horrific stories about exploitation of more than 20 minor girls in the Muzzaffarnagar, Bihar shelter home, giving us chills down the spine and not even a week has passed and another shocking case comes to light, from Telangana, about how hormonal injections are given to girls below 10 in another sex racket, I am sorry, I can’t but see only hopelessness and despair.

What does my posting on Facebook do to help the situation ?

Answer is – I . DON’T . KNOW !!!

But, I am angry and frustrated and I find great solace in ranting and venting out here.

Keeping quiet is what the criminals want from us. It would be so easy to just get away that way, ain’t it ?

Remember the candle marches for Nirbhaya in Delhi? You think pressure from the public had no role to play in bringing judgement faster in that case? In a country where law and order is a joke and there are more than 3 Crore cases pending in different courts, many of them for more than 10 years, not every raped woman is lucky enough to receive the attention that Nirbhaya got.

What did you say, my sharing of news defames the country ? You must be in deep slumber to mumble this out. I have non-Indian friends who many-a-times get news before I hear/read them. Not to mention how embarrassed I feel with this question being asked so often – Is India actually that unsafe ?

To answer this, my learned friends with their newly acquired knowledge from the university of whataboutism (that has been founded only very recently) would come up with the statistics educating me about how so many more rapes happen in US and UK too. Even if assuming they are right (knowing that its like comparing apples with oranges),I didn’t know that we were competing with the developed countries in this area as well.

Some would further go arguing about how such incidences happened in the regime of the previous governments too. OK! agreed, but what has the current government done to change that, apart from NOT expelling their own rape-accused ministers from the ruling party? (wondering who I am referring to?google it up) Or are they trying to prove who can be worse?

Media is sure bought out and is playing evil but these things have happened, in ‘real’ and they have to be brought to the knowledge of the masses. And lastly, what are we trying to achieve by these shameful arguments, if not diluting the gravity of a matter so serious !!

We have failed as a country and a society because ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about little girls here, innocent small children ! By beating our own drum that all is well or closing our ears and eyes to such painful truth, which I have earlier described as the “ostrich position”, doesn’t help either and only makes us accomplice.

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