“जल ही जीवन हैं” – Water is Life

It summer of 2019 and the temperature is rising all over India. One of the reason is General Elections too. Political campaigning are going on. Mandir, Masjid, Pakistan, Jawan, Kisan are the keywords in this elections with the usual employment , poverty reduction etc etc. But while campaigning in this hot weather, when the politician […]

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 12

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 12: Summary and Conclusions By Seshadri Kumar One of the important reasons for doing this exhaustive (and exhausting!), data-driven study of the economy is that one metric does not capture what is happening in the Indian economy, especially today. There has been too much focus on the GDP as a […]

BJP Manifesto 2019: Another Compilation of Blatant Lies by Modi Sarkar

By Darshan Mondkar So BJP has finally released its 2019 election manifesto. Here are the 10 highlights of the manifesto as reported by NDTV and let me tell you how bogus these claims are: 1. For strengthening armed forces purchase of outstanding defence equipment will be fast tracked. – The Indian Army is severely impacted […]

Modi Government & Women Welfare

Modi Government & Women Welfare “Bahut hua naari pe waar, ab ki baar Modi sarkaar” was one of the theme on which Modi got elected to power. Lets take a look at how Modi govt fared on its promises of welfare of women:- 1: Kishori Shakti Yojana During 2006-07, there was a scheme called “Kishori […]

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 11

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 11: Foreign Trade By Seshadri Kumar One thing that the BJP government and its supporters in the media like to brag about is the fact that the current account deficit (CAD) is much lower in the Modi Sarkar than it was in the UPA II government. This is often touted […]

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 10

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 10: Government Expenditures, Revenues, and the Fiscal Deficit By Seshadri Kumar One of the achievements the Modi Sarkar is proudest of is the reduction of the Fiscal Deficit to 3.7% of GDP. What is this achievement? Does this herald good times for India? First, let us look at the claim […]

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 9

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 9: Education, Science, and Technology By Sheshadri Kumar Education is the basis of the growth of any nation. Power, steel, and coal may be what we need for building things, but without educated minds the steel might just as well rust through disuse. The world is getting more and more […]

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 8

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 8: Roads, Railways, and Container Port Traffic By Seshadri Kumar There are many measures of infrastructure generation. But two important measures that very significantly affect the future of a nation are roads and railways – the transporation network. Delays in transportation are one of the major causes of increased manufacturing […]

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 7

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 7: Coal and Steel By Seshadri Kumar Power, coal, and steel: These form the industrial base of any country. In a previous installment of this series, I had discussed power generation across different governments. In this installment, I will discuss coal and steel production (and consumption). Coal is needed both […]