Nellie Massacre: A Forgotten Hate Crime Against Muslims

Today i.e. 18th  February, 2020 marks the 37th anniversary of one of the worst-ever genocides committed in post-1947 India against Muslims in Assam, that is, the Nellie Massacre. Close to four decades have passed, and not even a single assailant has so far been convicted, yet alone prosecuted, for this heinous atrocity. Officially 1,819 and unofficially […]

What is Desh? What is a country?

  By Aatryee Das Who are these people? Those are standing in the line? Do I know them? Do I want to know them? These countries have blooded history of partition. These countries never lived peacefully with each other. And who are these people standing again in the queue? Are they really human beings? Or […]