Padhega India to Badhega India: Reality Check

2020 has indeed started with a series of protests in India. The people currently participating and being adversely affected by these protests are the young population of this country. The protests began with a collective thought of the youth on the idea of providing free or subsidized education to the people coming from the lower-socio […]

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 9

Have Acche Din Arrived? Part 9: Education, Science, and Technology By Sheshadri Kumar Education is the basis of the growth of any nation. Power, steel, and coal may be what we need for building things, but without educated minds the steel might just as well rust through disuse. The world is getting more and more […]


How the Arts-Science Divide is Hurting Us All

By Vijayendra Mohanty A large section of India’s so-called educated middle-class is socially regressive and shows support for demagogues and opposes progressive values. People wonder why. I however, wonder why this is surprising. It’s clear as day, it’s all in our education system. The other day, on a Whatsapp group, a software engineer – a […]