Nazaria – Book 2: An Indian Hindu What is Hinduism?

Who is a Hindu? How does one follow Hinduism? These are some of the questions that people do not even have the answers to, but claim to be a true follower or ‘Bhakt’. People do not have a proper understanding of their scriptures, and yet blame religion for the problems Continue Reading

India: Is negativity the way forward?

By Darshan Mondkar Somewhere in 2013-14, if not earlier, a vicious campaign was started against the incumbent Congress Government by the BJP and its allies. A campaign which focussed on the supposed evils of Congress. An outrage was fanned in the minds of the common people, whether manufactured or otherwise. Continue Reading

What is Desh? What is a country?

  By Aatryee Das Who are these people? Those are standing in the line? Do I know them? Do I want to know them? These countries have blooded history of partition. These countries never lived peacefully with each other. And who are these people standing again in the queue? Are Continue Reading