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“Hindustaan Khatre Mein Hain”

“Hemant Karkare was a Desh-Drohi for arresting me. He was a Dharma-Virodi. I had cursed that he will be destroyed. Exactly in one and a half month he was killed” These are the words of Sadhvi Pragya. A Terror Accused calling a Martyr as an Anti-National !!! A Terror Accused calls the killing of a […]

No One Man’s Terrorist is not another Man’s Freedom Fighter

“One Man’s Terrorist is another Man’s Freedom Fighter” By Darshan Mondkar This is an often used term which is brandished usually as a justification of a Terrorist attack. And I cant even begin to tell you how wrong this is. There is a classic difference between a Terrorist and Freedom Fighter. Though both are fighting […]

Modi & Teaching the terrorist a lesson

The funniest thing I have seen on WhatsApp group is Bhakts crooning how Modi is exactly the person whom we need to “Take Care of Pakistan” According to them it is only Modi who will be able to respond to this current terrorist attack and put “Pakistan in their place” and “Teach the Terrorists a […]

Thank you CRPF

The social media warriors are busy spreading the message of hate and alienating Kashmiris even more. The politicians are busy milking this incident for mileage in the upcoming elections. The mobsters are going around terrorizing helpless Kashmiris in various parts of India. At such a time the gesture of CRPF, of putting up a helpline […]