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snakes in my backyard 0

Snakes in the backyard

by Aditya Vikram After rehearsing a dozen times, I finally gathered the courage to say this to him. “I spotted a snake yesterday in the backyard , Mr.Shetty” The secretary of the society wasn’t...


Soldiers, Soldiering, and Bigotry.

By Kedar Anil Gadgil Recently, there was a news item that mentioned a retired army Colonel evicting a tenant (a Muslim girl) from his house because she “could be a terrorist.” There was a...

Certificate of Nationalism by FilterCopy 0

Certificate of Nationalism by FilterCopy

Fellow Liberals, Youtube channel FilterCopy has published a wonderful satirical video on ‘Nationalism’,  starring Pranay Manchanda of ‘Baked’ fame. Watch the video and comment your views. Courtesy FilterCopy. ALSO READ: Monkey Baat Share on: WhatsApp