By Sudeepta Sarangi My friends keep asking me that why we see so much negativity on social media. Why don’t you share some positive news? Is nothing good happening in the country ? Well yes, I am sure that so many good things are definitely happening. But when in the Continue Reading

“I can’t see anything except blood”

By Aatryee Das So, what do you need? We need some hockey stick, bamboo sticks, iron rods, iron chains, kerosene, matches…. Okay! And who are your targets? That’s a very important question. First and foremost, you need to remember, we have mostly nothing to do with rich and famous people. Continue Reading

Social Reforms versus Religious Reforms: A Distinction!

By Darshan Mondkar There is a need to draw a line between Religious Reforms and Social Reforms. By and large religion spills out in the society, creating a situation where social pressures are imposed upon those who are deemed inferior by the religion. There is a dire need to fight Continue Reading