Sadhvi Pragya: Lies, WhatsApp Truth & Facts

By Darshan Mondkar A lot is being said about Pragya Thakur by the BJP and their Bhakts. They are making statements about the acquittal, some clean chit being given to her by the courts, some torture she had to endure when she was in prison. Even Amit Shah has made statements to that effect in […]


By Aditya Chaturvedi. Addressing a event in Thiruvananthapuram, Congress MP Sashi Tharoor said “If they (BJP) win a repeat in the Lok Sabha, our democratic constitution as we understand it, will not survive as they will have all the elements they need to tear apart the constitution of India and write a new one, That […]

RSS Workers

Hindutva and the Intolerant Nationalists

by Anwesh Satpathy In 1923, Vinayak Damordar Savarkar wrote his propaganda pamphlet on Hindutva inside the confines of Ratnagiri jail. This was the beginning of a new political movement that still continues to haunt India. Savarkar was a *Hindu atheist*, he wanted disassociate his ideas from the dogmas of the Hindu religion. He writes “Here […]


Rise of Right Wing Violence: When Universities turn into bloody battlefields

With the right wing violence in the Aligarh Muslim University, it is pretty clear that they just wont let people live in peace and are hell bent in destroying every single institution in the country. The AMU has always been an eyesore to the right wingers like Hindu Jagran Manch. Hindu Jagran Manch is the […]