100 women per day 40 minors per day

36,735 – 2014 34,651 – 2015 38,947 – 2016 Total: 1,10,333 (2014-2016) Do you know what these numbers are for? The number of Rape Cases registered in India. Just the registered rape cases, mind you. This does not include those cases which are classified as sexual assault not amounting to rape. And this definitely does […]


By Sudeepta Sarangi My friends keep asking me that why we see so much negativity on social media. Why don’t you share some positive news? Is nothing good happening in the country ? Well yes, I am sure that so many good things are definitely happening. But when in the last few days we came […]

Rumana’s Pain…..

A short story translated from Bengali to English by Sharshina Swastyaneek The alarm was set at 6 am but Rumana woke up just one minute before the clock struck 6 am. She stopped the ringing alarm quickly lest it disturbed her one year old sleeping son. She caressed Sajjad’s forehead to awaken him. Irritated, Sajjad […]

India needs its women in the workplace

Girls outshines boys in 10th/12th results. The headline screams whenever the results are out. But where do all those girls end up. Why aren’t they visible in workplace? “India Has Second-Lowest Female Labour Force Participation Rate In South Asia.” Source: Business Standard “India’s urban female work-force participation rate (WPR) is one of the world’s lowest […]

The smell of hot rice

By Aatreey Das What do I think about the country? The India? For me, country is all about its people. And some more. Just want to share an experience. Years ago during our field visit in a district of West Bengal, I with some of the other friends were in a village. That was a […]


Two girls Akanksha Sinha and Poorvika Mehra took to stage to explain consent by way of reciting a poem titled, “When We Talk About Rape“. The poem asserts on how a survivor of sexual assault and/or rape battle not just physical trauma but mental illness as well, as a result. The gist of Sinha and […]

“I can’t see anything except blood”

By Aatryee Das So, what do you need? We need some hockey stick, bamboo sticks, iron rods, iron chains, kerosene, matches…. Okay! And who are your targets? That’s a very important question. First and foremost, you need to remember, we have mostly nothing to do with rich and famous people. There are separate groups to […]

Selfies with daughter/s

By Aatryee Das I wrote this on 1st July, 2015 when some rich (?) people were busy to click selfies with their daughters. Before and after that we lost many daughters, never mind dear people, you carry on and just adjust with this re-post. Selfies with daughter/s It’s a good one. I don’t need to […]

Is India Really Safe For Women?

Every day in every walks of life we have come across women who have been abused, stalked, molested or groped, and I am not even talking about the acid attacks which are a norm and rapes which are going on like an epidemic. And yet we still question whether India is safe for women? Is […]