The Mirror Says I’m Secular

By Aditya Vikram

It is all rubbish that folks belonging from a certain religion should be second class citizens. I don’t believe in any of it.

Look, my neighbors belong to that very religion, do I harbor an opinion of this kind? Do I ever say that they should be murdered for worshipping a different god?

No, I can never even dream of it.

The other day, half a dozen men forcefully entered their house. Such hooligans, I watched as they stripped the husband and beat him up for no apparent reason other than religious hatred. How terrible was the scene, such Injustice, such brutality in broad daylight. Did it end there? No, they stripped the women too.

The entire colony watched and the look on their faces said it all. They couldn’t fathom why was it happening. Good people, like me, watching it unfold with terror in our hearts.

Suddenly, the number of hooligans increased by two, there were eight of them. Well, one of them took a girl inside the house.

Don’t I know why he did so? Lustful demons, I tell you.

They began choking the husband and every second of it, it was unbearable.

How could they?

Amidst all the shouting, cursing, and cries for help, I thought to myself, Thank goodness, I’m not one of the hooligans. Thank goodness, I’ve never been hateful. Thank goodness, I’m secular enough to watch it unfold and feel terrible.

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