Vandana Suri: The brain behind ‘Taxshe’, women’s cab service

Vandari Suri with Roos Beti Bachao

by Darshan Mondkar

Many speak about Women Empowerment. Quite a lot of them promote it too. But there are some who actually do it in real.

One such person is Vandana Suri, who is the brain and the brawn behind “Taxshe”, the women’s cab service.

Taxshe is a unique cab service which has 100% women drivers.

Vandana Suri Taxshe

Vandana Suri is a serial entrepreneur with over 2 decades of working experience in diverse industries. “A Mom and a caretaker first” is what she likes to be called and her approach and attitude towards Taxshe stamps this in affirmative.

The drivers of the all-woman cabbie team, are fondly referred to as “Roos“, named after Kangaroos. “Roo” is inspired from Kangaroo an animal which is known for its strong and yet caring nature.

The Taxshe service provides women driven cabs which can be booked by women, families and couples (no men single/group) and entitles you to the safe journey that you truly believe.

The service is also supposed to be starting in Delhi soon, amongst other Metros. It is one of the fastest growing women’s cab services in India right now.

breast feeding in cab

Vandana Suri can be an inspiration for many women across the world, coz she proves that a woman’s education and knowledge can be taken beyond the corporate world, into the society, which can serve the purpose of being both enterprising and reformist.

She has managed to put her head down and get to work in the most earnest manner, so that many a women can put their heads high up and lead their lives with pride.

Personally, I hope that we can have a similar service in each and every city of India. It would be a huge leap forward towards Women’s Safety and Women Empowerment at the same time.

A big salute to Vandana and all such women like her who are taking the progressive step forward towards Women Empowerment.

Disclaimer: The pics are of the “Roos” wearing the #BetiBachao T-Shirt. Thank You Vandana for this sweet gesture.


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