Wake Up India – We Need A Change Now

By Praveen Ramakrishnan


The year was 2014, and the UPA Government was embroiled in one scandal after the other. The time had come for a change. Despite BJP having its leaning towards RSS and other Hindu Undesired Affiliations, it was thought as a way better alternative.

From this wave arose Narendra Modi and the BJP got their 2nd innings at power. We all knew the 1.5 Million India Rupees to be credited into each and every Indians bank account was a tall tale and was utter rubbish. We also knew many things on the manifesto were election gimmicks. Yet, the party was voted into power by many of us and for a period of time we all chanted “AcheDin“. Things were going smooth initially since it was the honeymoon period and everyone knew that after they get into power, all this race and religion divide will not pay dividends. The party relatively had a squeaky clean image and things slowly disintegrated into the old UPA mode. The IT Cell of BJP was so active that it cornered the Internet and other Media rendering the other parties useless. Everyone was in a jolly good mood and the country reflected this in many areas. People got fed a lot of falsehood yet the consensus was that no way Can NaMo even suggest this.

UP elections happened and there was a Yogi that got into the act and became CM of the state and even than all of us bore things with patience saying “AcheDinAyega“. Demonetization happened with absolutely no plans and the nation was plunged into a critical scenario. Till date, many industries are reeling from that effect and we are talking about many BPL people working in these so called “unorganized industries” which made up the bulk of India. Again, things were forgiven.

The “GauRakshaks” and other Hindu Fanatic Groups once again started their “HatePolitics” and the entire country till date has been reeling in it. Today things are so bad in the country that it is no longer politics but it is “Venomous”. People are afraid in a FREE DEMOCRATIC SECULAR REPUBLIC. Many people like Dr Swamy (A Lost Intellectual) are adding fuel to fire withe the “Mandir Banega” campaign. As an Indian and a Hindu (at least by birth though I prefer the term agnostic now), I say To Hell With Mosque And Temple. Make it a place of learning and peace so that ignorance does go from one generation to another.

The Scams are also so rampant now. Rude and obnoxious behaviour by many including the so called “Defense Minister” who has no clue if her tail bone is attached to her spinal chord. The Finance Minister, less said the better. It has become a state of anarchy and will continue to do so. #We_Need_A_Change_Now!

No Congress please. I am not advocating for Rahul Gandhi and cronies to come into power. The Nehru clan has been very corrupt from time memorial and dynastic politics has no place in today’s India. We need fresh injection of “Efficient Young People“. Sorry folks, no one over the age of 63. We need retirement for Politicians too. Anyone with any criminal charges pending or otherwise should not be allowed to stand in Elections (What do you know ….. 95% of them are disqualified by this law). Are you listening Supreme Court of India or are you blind as the law is supposed to be to have equality?

We need change and this change is needed now. Even a humanitarian crisis is not spared. What is our country becoming? Do we once again have to be the laughing stock of the world? We can do much more than the US and China put together since we have the numbers and the intellect, yet we are wasting it on Cows and Goats. We are wasting our resources on Statues and Scams. We have wasted our resources on bribes and bribery.

Wake Up India. We got our freedom at the stroke of Midnight, but that does not mean we have to continue to Sleep forever!!!

Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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