What is Hinduism? Who is a Hindu? How does one follow Hinduism?

These are some of the questions that people do not even have the answers to, but claim to be a true follower or ‘Bhakt’. People do not have a proper understanding of their scriptures, and yet blame religion for the problems in society. When in reality, the problems lie in how the scriptures get conceived by the society. Rather than relying on forwards and hoax messages that propogate lies about Religion, we should go back to our own scriptures to know what the truth is. There is no religion in the world that valourizes wars and killings, and if one is truly a religious person, they would never follow the path of hatred and violence. It is high time we break the bubbles of myths around us about Religion, and really start looking for the answers.

Watch the second episode of ‘Nazariya’, An Indian Hindu, to know more about what really Hinduism is.

The Story of Raghunath Das

Conceptualized & Directed by Ruchi Roy

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