Who are real Anti-nationals?

By Darshan Mondkar

News18 reports that, the Hizbul Mujahideen leader has issued a warning that “If something happens to any Kashmiri, those people who come here (in kashmir) as laborers wont be let go alive”

So basically, if the Kashmiris in other parts of India come to any harm, the Hizbuls would harm the non-Kashmiris in Kashmir.

This comes at a time when the Cops in most of the States of India have done a commendable work in securing the safety of the Kashmiris.

This comes at a time when the CRPF has issued statements confirming that they stand by EVERY INDIAN.

This comes at a time when most of the Non-Kashmiri Indians are standing by their Kashmiri brethren giving them support.

Majority of the people want ONE INDIA…..A United India.

But there are some people who think otherwise.

These people can be basically put up in two categories.

One, the Hizbuls, who are threatening to harm the non-Kashmiris living in Kashmir.

Two, those who are chanting slogans against Kashmiris and asking to boycott them.

The Hizbul Mujahideens are Terrorists.

I will leave it upto you to figure out what, the other type of people are.

A real Anti-National can be easily identified by whether he is spreading hate or whether he is spreading love.

Disclaimer: Once again a big high five to all the security forces of India, who have put National Integrity over an above everything else.

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