Nazaria – Book 2: An Indian Hindu What is Hinduism?

Who is a Hindu? How does one follow Hinduism? These are some of the questions that people do not even have the answers to, but claim to be a true follower or ‘Bhakt’. People do not have a proper understanding of their scriptures, and yet blame religion for the problems Continue Reading

Zindagi Ke Khareeddar

By Ruchi Roy “Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness.” ~ Alice Walker ZINDAGI KE BAZAAR MAI INSAANIYAT KI NUMAAYISH HAI, INSAANO KE HAATHON MAI KHARIDNE KI TAAKAT HAI, DOOR KHADI DEKH RAHI THI MAI, KAISE BECHKE ZAMEER APNA JEE SAKTA HAI KOI, LEKIN NAHI Continue Reading

Nazaria – Book 1: An Indian Muslim

The Story of Banda Islamuddin An average Muslim person has more in common with an average Hindu person than the media or political parties let us believe. How many times do we find forming opinions about people based on their identity markers? When they are in reality all just a Continue Reading

Rumana’s Pain…..

A short story translated from Bengali to English by Sharshina Swastyaneek The alarm was set at 6 am but Rumana woke up just one minute before the clock struck 6 am. She stopped the ringing alarm quickly lest it disturbed her one year old sleeping son. She caressed Sajjad’s forehead Continue Reading


Two girls Akanksha Sinha and Poorvika Mehra took to stage to explain consent by way of reciting a poem titled, “When We Talk About Rape“. The poem asserts on how a survivor of sexual assault and/or rape battle not just physical trauma but mental illness as well, as a result. Continue Reading

The Beautiful Game: Football

Sport is something pretty awesome, and as the great man Sachin Tendulkar  reminded us, it’s pretty necessary as well.  But amidst this plethora of sports, there’s just the one that pops up when you Google, ‘The Beautiful Game’. Football. Football enthusiasts have tons of action throughout the year to quench Continue Reading