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snakes in my backyard 0

Snakes in the backyard

by Aditya Vikram After rehearsing a dozen times, I finally gathered the courage to say this to him. “I spotted a snake yesterday in the backyard , Mr.Shetty” The secretary of the society wasn’t...


The Other Side Of Life

By Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Wear your helmet” said my grandma, as I kicked my scooter “and don’t argue”. I could have argued with the POTUS, but not with my grandma. I had come to...


Sabarimala Row: Liberal Atheists Conundrum

Saransh Pratik writes on this topic Some people find my stand ambiguous on Sabarimala Let me clear it for you I am an atheist. I left Hinduism because I am uncomfortable with certain aspects...